Welcome Alumni Travelers

On our programs you will encounter the life, people, history, art, architecture, food, wine and culture of the regions we visit at a tremendous value. Our expertly planned itineraries balance the benefits of group travel with leisure time and best of all, you will travel amid the camaraderie of alumni and friends. Learn more about how each trip is designed to bring the destination to life.

Our people make the difference.

At AHI Travel we understand that travel is a people business. The success of the program depends on the people who planned your journey, the quality of the care you receive before you travel, and, most of all, on the people you encounter during your travels. Because of this understanding, AHI invests heavily in this precious resource. Read more about our travel directors.

The AHI Experience

Reward yourself with a journey-of-a-lifetime full of beauty, intellectual stimulation and unforgettable moments by land, sea and river that are designed to exceed your expectations. Enjoy the camaraderie of your fellow travelers as you experience unique access to iconic sights and hidden treasures, at a pace that is a pleasure. Learn more about the AHI travel experience.

AHI Travel is a creative travel company recognized around the world for its design and operation of deluxe international travel programs. AHI International was founded by the Small family in 1962 and is owned and managed by them today. For more than 50 years we have dedicated ourselves to providing the very best service, travel experiences and value.

Many know of AHI Travel as Alumni Holidays®, the premier operator of deluxe travel programs sponsored by college and university alumni associations. Indeed, the history of alumni group travel is largely written in the accomplishments of Alumni Holidays. Our deluxe programs cover the world from Europe to Asia, from the Pacific to the Atlantic.

Learn more about AHI Travel.

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